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 who we are


Pop Bra is a brand  specialized in the production of girdles and bras  post operators.                         

All the  our products are entirely made in Italy according to the highest quality standards. The creation of each product  follows  careful and meticulous craftsmanship using materials  certificates  and cutting-edge fabrics.

  The post-operative clothing  Pop  Bra, guarantees  a constant and homogeneous compression, essential for the achievement  of the final result after surgery.          And for this  the choice is very important  the right compression clothing  that  will accompany the patient during the entire post-operative phase.

Pop Bra  Uses  materials  certified, hypoallergenic and latex free.

Proper compression will accompany the  patient during the whole  post phase  surgery, reducing pain, optimizing the result and accelerating the phase of  healing  

  It is recommended to use it for 4/5  weeks after surgery.

The Pop Bra collection is dedicated  to the post-operative course both  male and female.



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